We did it again! #1 Live Music in Denton County!

We did it again! #1 Live Music in Denton County!
September 3, 2019 Austin Axtell

We did it again! #1 Live Music in Denton County!

Marty B’s Place received 5 awards for Denton County’s Best this year, one of those being #1 Live Music!

We Love our Marty B’s Family and we continue to strive to provide the best Audio Production Quality for Live Venues in Denton County.

Our Lead Audio Engineer, Austin Axtell, has worked tirelessly to create an Audio Environment that rivals any music venue in Denton County and even the DFW.  His knowledge of Live Audio and focus on customer enjoyment and comfort is what truly sets him and SoundWagon Pro a part from the rest.

One of Austin’s favorite sayings is “the audience shouldn’t have to get listeners fatigue to enjoy the music”, which is what happens at most local venues.

“Listeners Fatigue” is what happens to a person after listening to improperly Equalized(Eq’d) or to loud music for a prolonged period.  At concert level volumes an improperly Eq’d sound can cause this within 15 – 30 minutes.  The over responsive audio frequencies will be deadened within the ear and the audio will sound more even over time.  This is such a strong phenomenon that Studio Audio Engineers take a 15 minute break after 45 minutes of mixing.  They do this to avoid listeners fatigue and keep their ears responsive to all audio frequencies produced by the instruments and vocals.

Proper Equalization of the house system and a proper mix of all inputs and instruments is of greater importance than volume.

Listeners fatigue is not only a problem with audio but also a problem with customer retention.  Listeners fatigue can also cause physical symptoms in customers. Some of these symptoms are feeling tired, loss of appetite, physical pain or a number of different things as every person reacts differently to having listeners fatigue.  These symptoms can cause a lower attendance, people leaving earlier than anticipated and even unpleasant guests.

It takes years of experience, knowledge and experimentation to get the combination of Volume and Eq to create an ideal environment for Music Venues, that allows for a great brand and growth!

This is why you should Hire Sound Wagon Pro today! We have the experience and knowledge to help take your Live Music to the next level!  Email us today @ Myevent@soundwagon.pro

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