RX(O)3mm LED Panels

For a limited time only! You can get a 6ft x 9ft LED Wall for the affordable price of $25,999, this Includes:

24 RX(O)3 LED Panels

24 Ethercon Data and Powercon Power Cables

6 LED Panel Hanging Bracket

6 Shackles

3 Road Cases(8 panels per case)

2 Ground Support and Carting Systems(15 panels per Ground Support/Carting System)

RW 3.9mm LED Panel Info:

Pixel Pitch:  3.9mm

LED Type:  SMD 1921

Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B

Cabinet Material: Die Cast Aluminum

Colors: 36 bit

Refresh Frequency: 1920 – 2400hz

Brightness: 4500-5000 cd/m^2

Specialty: Outdoor, IP65/54


For more information or to place an order email austin@soundwagon.pro or call Austin @  (940) 391-8560.