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When you buy Sound Wagon Pro LED Panels you get a fully functional and ready to go video wall. We include everything you need.  High Quality LED Panels, Video Controller, data and power cables, road cases, ground support/carting system, and a 2 year warranty!

Thats Right! A 2 Year “Peace of Mind” warranty. Sound Wagon Pro only provides the highest quality LED Panels.  We believe in the quality of our panels, so much so, that we will fix or replace them for up to 2 years for FREE!

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RX2 – 2.8mm These Panels have a 2.8mm LED pitch. Click Here to see Pricing and Info!

RX(O)3 – 3.9mm These Panels have a 3.8mm LED pitch and are rated to be Out Doors. Click Here to see Pricing and Info!

RW3 – 3.9mm These Panels have a 3.9mm LED pitch. Click Here to see Pricing and Info!

RM4 – 4.9mm These Panels have a 4.9mm LED Pitch and are rated as Semi Out Doors. Click Here to see Pricing and Info!

Need help with which LED Panels would work best for your application? Here, Ill Help.(Skip Down for Panel and Pricing info)

First off, what pixel pitch do you need? what is a pixel pitch?

The Pixel pitch will determine the minimum distance your viewers should be from the screens to see the Screens as a full HD image. Luckily, our largest pixel pitched LED panel is the RM4 – 4.9mm, so a minimum of 5 meters(15ft) away is a perfectly clear HD Image that you can use in so many awesome and unique ways.

Can LED Panels be used outdoors?

Yes! While the RM4 is rated for “Semi-Outdoor”, meaning it is water resistant, the RX(O)3 is IP65/54 Rated and would last a life time in outdoor applications.

How Bright do your LED Panels need to be?

For LED Panels that are used for outdoor sports stadiums or billboard applications, you would need to compete with the sun which is shining around 6500 cd/m^2.  This being said, anything in direct sunlight applications would need to be brighter than 6500 cd/m^2 to get the absolute best image. Inquire today to get information about our ES16 LED Panels with up to 10,000cd/m^2, email us @ austin@soundwagon.pro.

For any other Outdoor application, our RX(O)3 and RM4 Panels are from 4500cd/m^2  – 5000cd/m^2 and are perfect for almost all outdoor applications.

For indoor uses, a brightness of 900cd/m^2 will give you a very bright screen.  Anything over 900cd/m^2 will most likely need to be dimmed to a more comfortable level.

Can the LED Walls be curved?

One of the best things about LED Panels is that they can be curved. This allows for extremely customizable looks and applications. All of our Led Panels are able to curve convexly or concavely 5 degrees with no visible seams, maintaining a constant High Definition Image.

Our HD LED Panels are Lightweight, seamless, with high refresh frequency and brightness.  Each panel supports a 0-5″ concave or convex seamless joint making our LED tiles ideal for applications in trade shows, conferences, and corporate events.

Our LED Tiles feature a slim, integrated die-casting aluminum cabinet and special location pins that work with talon locks to achieve a seamless joint installation with ease. Convenient maintenance is facilitated by the solution’s front service module and independent power supply.

Event and meeting planners will also appreciate these LED Tiles’ black face SMD LED Chips, which gives the screen a high contrast ratio and a consistently delicate, fine HD image. Every application will appreciate the solution’s flexible use as either a fixed or hanging system.

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